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Tontex is an authorised dealer from Sellita.

We have engaged in the distribution of high-quality Swiss mechanical automatic watch movements since 1978.

Our core values for the past 40 years is to create "diligence" and "integrity".

About Us
Our Vision

Life is made up of time. Time is a scale. Time and space form a four-dimensional space-time, which constitutes the basic structure of the universe. Master time and you can master everything! Humans have the desire to master time. The movement is the heart of time, like a power plant, like a burning stove that's driving time, allowing us to live in this world vigorously.The movement components may not be seen or touched by the end-users, Tontex injects the soul of time with precise and reliable movements to increase the visibility and credibility of customers' brands, which in turn influences the choices of the consumers, expands and consolidates the brand market, and assists customers' brands to create maximum value.

Morning Paper

message from us

We, at Tontex protects all your data. We do not share your information with unauthorised third parties.

As we are also aware the Replica Watches around the world right now, we do not sell to the replica watch industry

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